Early Paintings
This series was created in memory of my father. I enjoyed remembering him vacationing with the family at our New Jersey beach house. I started the series   describing the transparent layers of water in the ocean. From there the composition took on a life of its own and developed into variations of this theme with many layers of colors, varied textures and lines.


As I watched the horrific events unfold under that clear blue sky on September 11, 2001, I was riveted by the constant images of yellow striped firefighters’ tape moving throughout the landscape of what we now call Ground Zero. The television cameras and the magazine photographers recorded the days that followed revealing the devastated grounds entwined with ribbons of yellow reflective tape. The image stayed with me from that day until I was able to interpret it on canvas.




These paintings comprise a series of ideas taken from the patterns of butterfly wings. This is significant in my personal life since I wanted to create a body of work in memory of my mother who passed away three and a half years ago. Since she so adored nature and specifically these beautifully decorated day-flying insects, I was elated when I was able to paint about them. This gave me the opportunity to use texture and glazed layers of color to celebrate my mother, Hilda Dorfman, and Mother Nature – two very important mothers in my life.


Mission Walls 1 54” x 40” Acrylic Pyramid Private Collection

Not only am I fascinated by the textures and patinas on the walls of the Riverwalk Annex, but I have found the early morning sunlight reflecting off the water onto the river walls intriguing, as well. What I thought was going to be a single photograph of the wonderful reflective light patterns became a very short video by mistake. I didn’t realize the dial on my camera was set for a video. This “mistake” became my first video that led to three more videos with my point and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera. This happy accident inspired an ongoing series of paintings that has nourished my imagination over the last year.


Aspen 1, 8 x 10", Not for Sale


Patterns in nature most often inform my work whether I find them in palm trees  or aspen tree trunks. Thanks to Mother Nature, I have an endless supply of information wherever I am.


“Trax 3” Acrylic


This series is called “Trax.” It is the result of visiting the New Jersey beaches last summer. I found the tracks left in the sand from the tractors cleaning up the beach each morning created beautiful patterns. As in my other series, I am intrigued when I notice something that most people would never see as an artistic image.


"Land Art 1” acrylic with texture 45” x 60"


As I was flying from San Antonio to Philadelphia, I fortunately had a window seat. Looking out onto what must have been farm land, I saw magnificent patterns on the land. It inspired me to paint this series.