Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

10:00 am – Visit with printmaker, Gloria Sanchez Hart, in her studio

Artist and educator, Gloria Sánchez Hart, has a Master degree in Printmaking. Her artwork is conceptualized as part of a series where she focuses on survival, maternity, procreation, life and death, rites of passage, and Nahuatl mythology. Mexican-born, with already over twenty years in Art education and an established Printmaker with 72 intaglios exhibited in her solo exhibition titled Redes, amongst hundreds of other works and dozens of exhibitions, she immigrated to the USA in 1988.

With a formation in traditional printmaking, Gloria Sánchez Hart expresses the most complex concepts with the simplest and most basic elements. As she ubiquitously captures the spirit of freedom across cultures and time periods, she challenges herself to remain true to the traditional techniques in lithography, etching, xylography, mono prints and mixed media.

11:15 am – Visit to Ruiz Healy Art  “Tell Me Where It Hurts” prints by Ricky Armendariz

The title of the show is inspired by the common phrase heard at the doctor’s office and refers to both a physical and mental state. “It’s about the body but it’s also about the mind and the psychological state that a person is in,” Armendariz explains.

With surgical precision, Armendariz applies an adapted power tool onto his brilliantly painted wooden panels, bringing to light a plethora of mythological creatures, figures and text by way of crosshatched incisions.
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